Sketch Comedy

Time's Up Tomorrow

Comedy, America! at ImprovBoston 

Written by me. When is the best time for time to be up? A room full of corporate executives try to schedule a date. 

How Bad I'll Go

Comedy, America! at ImprovBoston 

An entire musical parody written and performed by me for the purpose of making a poop joke. 

Satire Writing

for 2019 

This bike, like my life, is a glistening, upper-middle-class prison. And this bike, like my life, is stationary.

for Points in Case. 2019. 

Carly’s Depression is back for another season with a relatively solid, albeit somewhat disappointing, first episode. 

for 2019 

I have always thought the gays were a special colony of cicadas. But, instead of every 13 years, they emerge annually in June to answer the irresistible call of corporations posting things like “Love is Love” and “Yasss Queen.” 

for Medium. 2018 

Branded lesbian fan fiction about International Women's Day.